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28 days ago in News

Money-spender commented on "Paris Saint-Germain Offer Edinson Cavani To Real Madrid After Neymar Spat?"


I was going to understand if neymar wants to take over on those spot kick bcoz Cavani is missing them, bt they guy always convert them. What is the big deal with Neymar!!!

about 1 month ago in Match Comments

@ShY_KiD sa mentioned Money-spender in: Match

@ShY_KiD sa:

@Money-spender that's nothing ma guy we are just waiting for our sharpshooter to return y'all will tumble along da way u know what y'all are good for is holding n umbrella

about 1 month ago in Match

Money-spender commented on "Barcelona vs. Espanyol - Spanish La Liga (Sat, 09 Sep, 20:45)"


@@ShY_KiD sa mmmm...what a way to kick start the league by real Madrid!! 2 draws in a row

about 1 month ago in News

Money-spender commented on "Super-Agent In Barcelona To Finalise Angel Di Maria Move?"


He is one of my best players!!!

2 months ago in News

Money-spender commented on "Zinedine Zidane Annoyed With Cristiano Ronaldo Ban, Hints At Conspiracy?"


@I LOVE PIRATES Man U RM I like your comment, but it contract didct your statement. If He knows that when he dives he will get a yellow card, thn he was supposed to know that if takes off the T-Shirt he will get the yellow card. I am a Barc fan, That was not a penult because CR7 lost a balance but at the same time it was not a yellow card because he ddnt dive. Ref was suppose to let the game flow

2 months ago in News Comments

kc-inferno mentioned Money-spender in: Best & Worst: Chiefs v SuperSport


@Money-spender.. I like Katsande as a person but as a footballer, I'm afraid he's a bit wreckless when coming to challenges and that's going to cost us a lot. On the goal we conceded, Gordinho was left chasing a shadow and Katsande arrived late whilst he's ment to be protecting our defence. Big ups to ssu for exposing just how toothless we are upfront. You can have all good midfielders but without a quality goal poacher then you'll always be found wanting when coming to scoring

2 months ago in News

Money-spender commented on "Best & Worst: Chiefs v SuperSport"


@tebogo gm mahlaba on my side i wont blame strikers, on that game we did not see even one through ball from our middle fielders. Parker and Paez they cant do anything without the supply we have. Maluleka is just useless to say on this team we have, if i was the coach i was going to take him out and bring shaba to his place and have malongwane on the wing. Katsande is ok alone difensively and have Eksein and Shaba on the attack, Put Malongwane & Thwala on the wings and Paez up front. Its my Opnion. Maluleka is USELESS

3 months ago in News Comments

lulikho mentioned Money-spender in: Former FC Barcelona President Slams Neymar


@Money-spender who said he didnt request his transfer in peace? Neymar requested transfer peacefully baba & the BarCow mama's babies took it to the media. The likes of Pique, Ronaldinho, Busquets were the ones making noise on twitter...

3 months ago in News

Money-spender commented on "Former FC Barcelona President Slams Neymar"


Yes i agree, he was supposed to respect the club, hand in his request in peace.

3 months ago in News

Money-spender commented on "Paris Saint-Germain Complete World Record Deal For Neymar"


@Ilambalidlile aka phazamisa loves bontle I dont think he was planning to leave Camp Nou any time soon the time he was signing that contract last season, up until PSG came knocking at his door with a massive money, and this is the business no one can say no to that



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