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1 day ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "Kaizer Chiefs' Starting XI For Soweto Derby Announced"


I hop u ppl vote 4-3-3 as a formation, parker on the left, lebese on the right, paez in the middle as our attack

9 days ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "Orlando Pirates Goalkeeper Joins Chippa United "


@5SkippasDoubleTreble u sound so sad man ...tats a defeated man's statement, qina bhakaniya lami ..thr is a team tat will win tat top8 n it will a team in the top8 the top8 teams at list have a chance unlike our numbr11 team

12 days ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "Komphela: We Won't Spend R5 Million On Just Anyone"


@Down_And_Out u are the 1 stupid ....difference is "Khoza n Kaizer n family" their respective teams made them money, they are rich because of their teams contrast, Sundowns didn't make motsepe rich, motsepe came to sundowns rich ...there is a difference between business money(which as a chairman u can access) n personal money!

16 days ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "Dino Ndlovu Grabbed A Brace In The Champions League Last Night"


Tats a pure dive

20 days ago in News Comments

makhosamahle mentioned Ntsika239 in: Kaizer Chiefs Star and Masuluke Make Final Cut For Goal Of The Season


@Ntsika239 at 30 November 2016 sir .

20 days ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "COSAFA Cup Plate Final Report: Bafana Bafana v Namibia 07 July 2017"


Its probably good for the Fifa rankings, we slowly moving towards tat top 50

20 days ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "Kaizer Chiefs Star and Masuluke Make Final Cut For Goal Of The Season"


@jondzani khalanga Eric Mathebula where do u guys see 30 November 2017 in dic article?

about 1 month ago in SupporterClubUpdate

Ntsika239 commented on "Bartlett, Mayo, Torrealba… Who Is The Best Chiefs Striker Of The PSL Era? "


Sum ppl jus like to comment without knowledge ...Patrick Mayo was a striker at chiefs before becoming a defender, Paulos Masehe was a striker at sundowns

about 1 month ago in SupporterClubUpdate

Ntsika239 commented on "'Critics Who Were Against Baxter, Where Are They Now?' – Fan's Comment "


@mainda one game at a time pal happy for this 1 game ...

about 1 month ago in News

Ntsika239 commented on "Baxter: Bafana Bamboozled Nigeria"


@Endinaki am not sure wat you on about, BT mobara is inexperienced on international level ...tat was a game for tried n tested n they excelled for Jali n Furman, I think it depends wat u want, do u want sum1 who will win u balls n break the opposition attacks, or u need Sumone who when we on the ball will play passes n dectate the game(which is wat we have in Zungu) ..n judging from the results n the way we played, Furman was perfect ...n I thank the coach for selecting him ahead of Kali ..he provided cover for tat defense beautifully!



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