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1 day ago in News Comments

TMAN-B mentioned Pres4life in: Reports: Agent Offers Arsenal Star To Real Madrid


@Pres4life I agree with you my brother, arsenal is the only team that allow sanchez to have that much time on the ball, he has a lot of freedom at arsenal, I don't think real or man city or Bayern will allow him to play the way he does at arsenal, at most he will be reduced to playing on the wings, just like what happened with james at real, he is a natural ball player, but what did they do push him to the wing or bench him

1 day ago in News

Pres4life commented on "The 10 Most Expensive Signings In Chelsea's History"


Torres never performed at the blues

1 day ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Jose Mourinho Provides Manchester United Transfer Update"


Transfer fees are very high these days. players and agents are really earning huge monies. Soccr is the business to be in

2 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Kamohelo Mokotjo Is Reportedly On The Verge Of Joining Brentford In England"


@waronatjie not sure about that rating but his prospects of playing continental football is non existent now and total obscurity until the team gains promotion which take a long time or never which might never happen at all. I think the boy is too talented for a championship team

2 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Reports: Neymar Furious Over Paris Saint-Germain Rumours"


The phenomena of fake news knows no boundries

2 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Reports: Agent Offers Arsenal Star To Real Madrid"


Who is going to be benched for him. Sanchez needs to think this move through very hard before deciding to leave Arsenal

2 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Two Chelsea Stars On Verge Of Blues Exit?"


Costa is an aggressive goal poacher but can also cause tension in the team. I'm glad to see him leave the blues. We need players who will take and execute instructions from the coach

3 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Reports: Neymar Accepts Offer To Leave FC Barcelona"


It would cause shock waves should he move

3 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Reports: Paris Saint-Germain Ready To Trigger Neymar's €222m Buyout Clause"


I don't see Neymar leaving Barca fro PSG

4 days ago in News

Pres4life commented on "Official: Man Utd 'Keeper Signs New Deal"


Does that mean that De Gea may leave



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